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Healthcare Worker Law

A safe, equitable, and fair workplace is necessary for healthcare professionals to provide high-quality patient care.
​This law firm knows working in the healthcare industry is complicated. 

Get a lawyer to handle employment and business matters,

 so that you can focus on your patients.



Legal Advice for
Healthcare Service Providers and Agencies

Healthcare service providers and agencies want to focus on medicine and wellness, not the law. ​


Whether you run your own healthcare business, care for a loved one at home, are studying for your license, or work for a larger network or agency, retaining a lawyer that understands the business of healthcare can reduce worries and distractions.

Are your employment contracts, independent contractor agreements, employment contracts, business and professional licenses, business structures, and compliance policies up-to-date? Are you mitigating risks? Can you create a healthier environment for you, your workers, your partners, and your patients? 

Contact Rogers Law Practice PLLC to find out more.

Representing Healthcare Workers

Rogers Law Practice PLLC affiliates with TIMES UP Healthcare.

  • Women make up nearly 80 percent of the healthcare workforce, but they are only 20 percent of the decisionmakers.

  • Sexual harassment and gender discrimination frequently takes place in healthcare settings.

  • An estimated 50 percent of female medical students will experience harassment before they even graduate.

Rogers Law Practice PLLC is a member of TIMES UP Healthcare's Legal Network, and is experienced in advocating for fair employment contracts and working conditions on behalf of physicians and medical residents. 

Rogers Law Practice wants you to KNOW YOUR RIGHTS.

The exploitation of healthcare workers is a pressing issue around the globe.


Too often, healthcare workers spend inordinate amounts of time:

  • battling unsafe work environments

  • fending off violence or harassment

  • requesting for accommodations for their disabilities

  • worrying about their immigration status

  • managing unreasonably work shifts

  • struggling to protect their own mental health

  • blowing the whistle on unsafe practices

  • reviewing regulations and fine print

  • protecting their privacy in licensing and job applications

  • demanding their wages

And because the healthcare industry is highly regulated, political, and powerful, it's hard to know when and how to speak out. You possess legitimate concerns about protecting your patients, reputation, and license.


Rogers Law Practice PLLC knows this, and can offer employment law advocacy and advice sensitive to the unique needs of healthcare workers. This includes contract review and drafting, counseling for solo and small practice corporations, and representation in hostile work environment and wrongful termination matters.


First, do no harm.

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