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Social Justice

Gun violence. Bigotry. Ignorance. Brutality. Hunger. Poverty. Hate. Exclusion.
​This law firm refuses the status quo.

Get a lawyer to help advance your cause.


Communication & Dialogue

When tragedy struck, Alison coauthored a viral Ted Talk advocating for reasonable gun regulation.


Written Advocacy

Rogers Law Practice's attorney cares about important causes and loves to put pen to paper in order to get the message across. From letter writing campaigns to academic articles, Alison has written about a range of topics including racism, police brutality, language accessibility, immigrant rights, and disability discrimination.

Read an example of her work here: 


How the E-Government Can Save Money by Building Bridges Across the Digital Divide

Community Advocacy

When one city took away a community's basketball courts, Rogers Law Practice acted to call attention to the issue at townhall and to build back the courts with @PUTUPTHEHOOPS. The firm obtained coverage from the local news and the Sun Sentinel.


Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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