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Contact A Lawyer Today.

A lawyer can be a catalyst for change.

Welcome to Rogers Law Practice PLLC, where legal services are professional, pragmatic, and personable. With comprehensive counseling and bespoke legal services, you’ll unearth renewed confidence and discover powerful legal tactics.

With extensive experience in employment, civil litigation, and business matters, Alison Rogers, Esq., strives to provide legal counsel that can make work (and life!) easier and minimize risk. The firm’s clients seek a variety of representations: to transition out of their current employment, to start a new job, to protect their reputation, business or work product, to sell products and services, or to seek justice.

The lawyer offers tailored services that balance pragmatism, zealous representation, and a strong sense of social justice.

At Rogers Law Practice PLLC, you can trust your lawyer to help you navigate difficult situations professionally, giving you peace of mind.

Welcome to a legal practice here to help you solve problems and take back control of your life and your business.

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