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Business Law

A business lawyer helps you jump through the right hoops to maintain your business. An outsourced general counsel can be your teammate, helping you protect your business, grow it, and keep the business healthy. Avoid court intervention, contract and employment pitfalls, and business interruption.

Rogers Law Practice offers:

  • Tailored Business Contracts & Forms 

  • Advice to Avoid Court Intervention and Business Interruption

  • Representation for Breach of Contract Claims

  • General Counsel to Form and Maintain Your Business

  • Employment Dispute Prevention Services


Rogers Law Practice is here to help you make a plan, execute, and run with your business ideas.  Contact for an appointment.

Questions? Read more about business law:

Tailored Business Contracts & Forms 

When you have partners, employees and outside relationships, it's easy to rely on handshake agreements or standardized contracts found through Google or LegalZoom. But the best way to avoid disputes is to write your agreements and deals down in clear terms that address all the potential points of disagreement. A business lawyer can help by tailoring forms and contracts. For example, business partners can have in writing their arrangements, including compensation, benefits, and division of profits.

Rogers Law Practice will work with you to anticipate and deal with the difficult issues. 

Avoid Court Intervention and Business Interruption

Rogers Law Practice knows that you want your business to stay out of court. Legal planning, hiring a lawyer before there are problems, can minimize disputes.  If disputes still arise, you will have an attorney that understands your business, and be able to give you quick, practical and effective advice to resolve the dispute. 

Representation for Breach of Contract Claims

In businesses, occasional disputes are unavoidable. Rogers Law Practice can advise clients in partnership disputes, breach of contract lawsuits, and business litigation. Your attorney will guide your business through legal claims, and represent the business in court, mediation, arbitration, and settlement.

Form and Maintain Your Business

Starting out a business is tough. There's plenty to do. Figuring out the best legal way to form your business should not slow you down. Staying compliant with ever changing regulations and requirements should not bog you down. Rogers Law Practice can help you form your business and maintain it. Don't let legal intricacies and technicalities get in the way of your success. 

Rogers Law Practice can provide these services to different business entities, including:

  • Florida Limited Liability Limited Partnership (LLLP)

  • Florida Limited Liability Company (LLC): This LLC can select to be treated as a partnership, S corp. or C corp.

  • Florida Corporation: Note: This entity does not provide the same quality of asset protection as a LLC.

  • Professional Association.

Prevent Disputes With Employees

Rogers Law Practice offers skilled representation for employee plaintiffs in wage and wrongful termination disputes. We apply these skills to advise businesses on how to avoid common threats to the health of a business. 

Rogers Law Practice can review business policies, and guide businesses on how to avoid such disputes by proper planning and clear employment agreements.

Outsource Your General Counsel

Companies want to obtain the strategic legal advice but need to save money and increase efficiency.  When outside counsel fees become too high to justify, companies choose only to reach out as a "last resort." Other companies consider hiring an inside counsel as an employee to act as general counsel.  With all the benefits and expenses that employing a lawyer entails, hiring an inside counsel can be costly. When businesses cannot justify the resources to hire a full-time in-house general counsel, but need a lawyer who is more than a "last resort," they can turn to Rogers Law Practice's outside general counsel services. 

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Protect Your Business

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Rogers Law Practice offers available and affordable outsourced general counsel. Let's talk about your business, and find a way to start an attorney-client relationship that fits your legal needs. Sign up for a free 15 minute consultation to learn more about this service.

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